How to join any Minecraft Bedrock server from Consoles

You're going to set up a thing called BedrockConnect. This thing uses a sneaky DNS trick in order to let you connect to any Bedrock Edition server.

Quick Setup

Click on the following links for a video on how to do it depending on the console you have: Switch, Xbox, PS4.

Once you get to the "Connect to a Server" page, type for the Server Address and 19132 for the Server Port.

And you're done! Welcome.

We recommend installing GeyserOptionalPack in order to get better compatibility



Will this brick my console or get me banned from online services?

Not a chance, none of this is banned by Mojang, Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. If you want to revert, set your DNS Settings back to Automatic.

Can I trust you not to steal my Minecraft data?

Rule 1) Never trust anyone unless it's self-hosted.

If you don't trust someone with routing your Minecraft connection to another server, you can set up BedrockConnect yourself by downloading it from GitHub.

Can I join all Java Edition servers with this?

Unfortunately, not if they have a proxy installed. We do have a proxy installed, which is why you can join our server, but otherwise you must set this up yourself at Good luck.

If you use Geyser, you must have a Java Edition account if you play on any server other than ours.


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