About Us

Noorquacker Industries is a made-up company (for now), but it sounds cool and I've been using the name since 4th grade.

We have strength in our numbers:

  • Noorquacker, the only person
  • A server made of high-grade eBay parts that has reached 6 months of uptime, until I had to bring it down for unrelated reasons.
  • A server made of the parts from my old PC that runs a Minecraft server, this web server, and many other things
  • A server made of the lowest-grade yet fastest eBay parts. Unstable, but fun to mess with.
  • A Discord bot.
  • A very powerful Signal bot that's developed by me in-house completely.
  • A retired GroupMe bot.

If you don't know why you're here, you might not belong here.

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