Minecraft Server Info

Join the Server - mc.nqind.com

What's on the server?

You can look at the dynmap

What can I do on the server?

Anything you want. Just keep these 2 things in mind:

  1. Don't destroy my internet connection
  2. If you can do it, there's probably no rule stopping you. It's anarchy in survival. If there's a glitch, you should tell me, but I probably wouldn't find out.

Why should I play on the server?

You shouldn't. Go do your homework.

How do I join?

The IP is mc.nqind.com, go type that in. It doesn't get any simpler.

How do I join on a school computer?

Not supported yet. Soon, a proxy will come to save us all...

I don't have a Minecraft account

I am broke, do not ask me for free Minecraft accounts

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