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This site is just a blog

Why would I ever use social media when I can just post stuff on my very own website?

Instagram? Too Zucc

Snapchat? Overly restrictive

Facebook? Also too Zucc

Tiktok? No.

Blog on my website? Heck yeah.

About Us

Noorquacker Industries is a made-up company (for now), but it sounds cool and I've been using the name since 4th grade.

We have strength in our numbers:

  • Noorquacker, the only person
  • A server made of high-grade eBay parts that has reached 6 months of uptime, until I had to bring it down for unrelated reasons.
  • A server made of the parts from my old PC that runs a Minecraft server, this web server, and many other things
  • A server made of the lowest-grade yet fastest eBay parts. Unstable, but fun to mess with.
  • A Discord bot.
  • A very powerful Signal bot that's developed by me in-house completely.
  • A retired GroupMe bot.

If you don't know why you're here, you might not belong here.

Minecraft Server Info

Join the Server -

What's on the server?

You can look at the dynmap

What can I do on the server?

Anything you want. Just keep these 2 things in mind:

  1. Don't destroy my internet connection
  2. If you can do it, there's probably no rule stopping you. It's anarchy in survival. If there's a glitch, you should tell me, but I probably wouldn't find out.

Why should I play on the server?

You shouldn't. Go do your homework.

How do I join?

The IP is, go type that in. It doesn't get any simpler.

How do I join on a school computer?

Not supported yet. Soon, a proxy will come to save us all...

I don't have a Minecraft account

I am broke, do not ask me for free Minecraft accounts


Welcome to Noorquacker Industries!

Quote of the Day: "This sentence is false"

What is this website?

Well, since I'm searching for a job, it's like a CV, but without personally identifiying information because I hand this out to internet strangers.

Any cool links?

If you want to see side projects I've worked on to an obsessive degree, go to the Project Showcases page to see more info.

You can also check out my GitHub for other projects I haven't written whole articles about


Obligatory Minecraft Server

Join my minecraft server

Everyone invited